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U48-67  Meteor F.8 spent cartridge case chutes for Airfix
U48-66  Spitfire Mk. V metal covered ailerons
U48-65  Spitfire HF. VI + vacu canopy + decal sheet for Airfix
U48-64  Spitfire PR. IF + vacu canopy for Airfix
U48-63  Spitfire PR. ID + vacu canopy for Airfix
U48-62  Spitfire PR. IC + vacu canopy for Airfix
U48-61  Spitfire Mk.V Aboukir tropical filter for Airfix
U48-60  Spitfire Mk.V Vokes tropical filter for Airfix
U48-59  Spitfire Mk. I-V cockpit door for Airfix
U48-58  Spitfire PR Mk.IA PR.IV PR Mk.VII + vacu canopies + decal sheet for Airfix
U48-57  Spitfire PR Mk. III,IV,VII + vacu canopies + decal sheet for Airfix
U48-56  Folland Gnat T.1 Tailplane for Airfix
U48-55  A-37 Dragonfly Fusalage tail cone replacement with 2 navigation light for Trumpeter
U48-54  A-37Dragonfly Fusalage tail cone replacement with 1 navigation light for Trumpeter
U48-53  A-37 Dragonfly control surfaces for Trumpeter
U48-52  Mirage 2000 FOD covers for Kinetic
U48-51  Mirage 2000 wing pylons for all kits
U48-50  Mirage 2000D/N/-5 control surfaces for Kinetic
U48-49  TBD Devastator correct tailplane, elevators and rudder for kit GWH
U48-48  Mirage 2000 engine air intakes with FOD for Kinetic
U48-47  Mirage 2000-5 correct nose for kit Kinetic
U48-46  Mirage 2000C correct nose for kit Kinetic
U48-45  Mirage 2000C control surfaces for Heller
U48-44  Mirage 2000C control surfaces for Kinetic
U48-43  Mirage 2000 wheels for all kits
U48-42  Vampire FB Mk.9 main wheel well for Trumpeter
U48-41  Yak-38M Sirena-3M warning unit aerials for HobbyBoss
U48-40  Mirage F-1C Engine air intakes for Italeri
U48-39  Sea Vixen FAW.2 airbrake for Airfix
U48-38  Macchi MC.200 Saetta I Srs + vacu canopy + decal sheet for Italeri
U48-37  Macchi MC.200 Saetta control surfaces for Italeri
U48-36  Bf 109 E control surfaces for Airfix
U48-35  Bf 109E wing radiator, gun barrel, wheels, exhaust for Airfix
U48-34  Spitfire PR type C-G + vacu canopies + decal sheet for Tamiya
U48-33  E. E. Canberra mainwheel well for Airfix
U48-32  E. E. Canberra nosewheel bay for Airfix
U48-31  BAC TSR-2 nosewheel bay for Airfix
U48-30  BAC TSR-2 mainwheel well for Airfix
U48-29  Upgrade for all Harrier nosewheel bay for Hasegawa
U48-28  Harrier/Sea Harrier wing pylons for kit Airfix
U48-27  Sea Hawk wing fold hinge and arrestor hook for Trumpeter
U48-26  Sea Hawk mainwheel well for Trumpeter
U48-25  Sea Hawk control surfaces for Trumpeter
U48-24  F9F-2 fuselage flaps for Trumpeter
U48-23  F9F-2 rudder and elevators, jetpipe for Trumpeter
U48-22  F9F-2 nose gear well and fuselage speed brakes for Trumpeter
U48-21  Upgrade set Harrier/Sea Harrier control surfaces for Airfix
U48-20  Harrier/Sea Harrier engine air intakes and exhaust nozzles for kit Airfix
U48-19  Westland Wyvern S.4 rear fuselage interior for kit Trumpeter
U48-18  Wellington Mk.IC FN.5 gun turrets for Trumpeter
U48-17  Spitfire HF Mk.VI + decal sheet + vacu canopy for Tamiya
U48-16  Vickers Wellington Mk.IC navigators and wireless operator compartment for Trumpeter
U48-15  B-25B Mitchell nose for Accurate Miniatures/Italeri
U48-14  F4U-5/7 control surfaces for Hasegawa/Revell
U48-13  Mi-24 chaff/flare dispesers ASO-2V
U48-12  Wheels for Mi-24
U48-11  Fiat CR. 42 control surfaces for Italeri
U48-10  Upgrade set Yak-7 for ICM
U48-09  Spitfire Mk.IIA (LR) + vacu canopies for Tamiya
U48-08  Spitfire PR Mk.IA, PR Mk.IV, PR Mk.VII + vacu canopies + decal sheet for Tamiya
E48-07  Mercedes IIIa engine
U48-06  MiG-19S exterior for Trumpeter
U48-05  Wheels for Bf 109D/E
U48-04  Wheels for Bf 109G/K
W48-03  Gun set for P-38 Lightning for Academy
W48-02  Gun set for Bf 110 for Monogram
W48-01  Browning M2HB machine gun


U72-173  B-36/RB-36H gun turrets for Monogram
U72-172  Jaguar GR.1/3 drop tanks for all kits
U72-171  Jaguar GR.1/3 wing pylons for Hasegawa
U72-170  Beaufighter tailplane late version for Airfix
U72-169  Beaufighter tailplane early version for Airfix
U72-168  B-36 Lower rear gun station for Monogram
U72-167  Switf FOD for Airfix
U72-166  F-3D-2/EF-10B Skyknight for Sword
U72-165  Tiger Moth A upgrade for Airfix
U72-164  DH.82A Tiger Moth upgrade + decal sheet for Airfix
U72-163  P-51B/Mk.III, tailplane, elevators and rudder for KP
U72-162  Blenheim Mk. I bomb bay doors for Airfix
U72-161  Blenheim Mk. I Instrument panel + rudder pedals for Airfix
U72-160  Blenheim Mk. I engine exhaust and intakes for Airfix
U72-159  Blenheim Mk. I main u/c legs covers for Airfix
U72-158  Blenheim Mk.I main u/c wheel bays details for Airfix
U72-157  Mirage 2000 control surfaces for Heller
U72-156  B-36 Peacemaker Front gun turrets and their compartment for Monogram
U72-155  Mirage 2000 engine air intakes with FOD covers for Heller
U72-154  Zlín Z-226 (C-205) for KP
U72-153  F-89D/J Scorpion jet pipes
U72-152  Harrier GR.1/3 exhaust nozzles for Airfix
U72-151  FJ-4B Fury jet pipe for Emhar
U72-150  F3H Demon nose for Emhar
U72-149  P-26 Peashooter upgrade for AZ model
U72-148  Gloster Gladiator wheels for Airfix
U72-147  Lancaster Mk.I/III Hamilton A5/138 propellers for Airfix
U72-146  Lancaster Mk.I/III de Havilland DH 5/40 propellers for Airfix
W72-145  30 mm DEFA cannons for MB 326K for Italeri/Supermodel
U72-144  Sunderland Mk.I propeller spinners for Italeri
U72-143  Sunderland Mk.I propellers for Italeri
U72-142  Sunderland Mk.I engine cowlings for Italeri
U72-141  B-47 upgrade engine nacelle front parts and jet pipes for Hasegawa
U72-140  Su-7 nose cone for Modelsvit
U72-139  Wheels for A-4A/B/C/E/P
U72-138  Spitfire F Mk.22 tailplane for Airfix
U72-137  BAe Harrier GR.9 engine air intakes and exhaust nozzles for Airfix
U72-136  Fairey Swordfish long exhaust pipe for Airfix
U72-135  Fairey Swordfish Mk. II oil cooler & generator pipes for Airfix
U72-134  Fairey Swordfish Mk.III ASV for Airfix
U72-133  Sea Vixen FAW.1 nose for Cyber-hobby
U72-132  BAe Harrier GR.9 rear tail fairing and Zeus ECM system for Airfix
U72-131  BAe Harrier GR.9 wing flaps and ailerons for Airfix
U72-130  Gloster Gladiator upgrade + decal sheet for all kits
U72-129  Spitfire PR Mk.IA, PR Mk.IV, PR Mk.VII + decal sheet + vacu canopies for Airfix
U72-128  DH. 100 Vampire Mk. 6 wheels + jet pipe for A-model
U72-127  DH. 100 Vampire Mk. 1 wheels + jet pipe for A-model
U72-126  F-86F Sabre wheels for Airfix
U72-125  Spitfire PR type C-G + vacu canopies + decal sheet for Airfix
U72-124  Spitfire Mk.I + vacu canopies for Airfix
U72-123  Sea Harrier F/A.2 control surfaces for Airfix
U72-122  Sea Harrier F/A.2 nose for Airfix
U72-121  Alpha Jet E for Heller
U72-120  Alpha Jet engine air intakes and exhaust nozzles for Heller
U72-119  Sea Harrier FSR.1 control surfaces for Airfix
U72-118  Sea Harrier FSR.1 engine air intakes and exhaust nozzles for Airfix
U72-117  Harrier, Sea Harrier 30 mm Gun Pod for Airfix/Italeri
U72-116  Spitfire Mk. IX control surfaces late for Airfix
U72-115  Spitfire Mk. IX control surfaces early for Airfix
U72-114  Spitfire Mk. IX for Airfix
U72-113  EE Canberra whell bay for Airfix
U72-112  Spitfire PR.XIX F.52 camera 2x, F.24 camera 1x for Airfix
U72-111  Spitfire PR.XIX for Airfix
U72-110  Westland Lynx BERP rotor blades for HobbyBoss
U72-109  Westland Lynx late version udercarriage for HobbyBoss
U72-108  Westland Lynx HAS.2 (FN-France)undercarriage for HobbyBoss
U72-107  Westland Lynx HAS.2 undercarriage for HobbyBoss
U72-106  Su-15TM air intakes for Trumpeter
U72-105  Su-15UM engine air intakes for Trumpeter
U72-104  O-1E/F Bird Dog control surfaces and wheels for Airfix
U72-103  Mi-24V gear wells for HobbyBoss
U72-102  MiG-15UTI machine gun UBK-E, nose gear cover, air intake for HobbyBoss
U72-101  MiG-15bis/15UTI tailplanes for HobbyBoss
U72-100  MiG-15bis nose underside for HobbyBoss
U72-99  MiG-15bis/15UTI upgrade wheels, airbrakes, jet pipe for HobbyBoss
U72-98  Mi-8/17 troop seats for HobbyBoss
U72-97  Mi-8 correct engine cowling for HobbyBoss
U72-96  Mi-8/17 upgrade undercarriage, horizontal stabilizer for HobbyBoss
U72-95  Su-15 Flagon A correct nose for Trumpeter
U72-94  Su-15 Flagon A correct vertical tail for Trumpeter
U72-93  Su-15TM/UM correct nose for Trumpeter
U72-92  Su-15TM correct vertical tail for Trumpeter
U72-91  Weapons set for X-craft for Pavlamodels
U72-90  SIAI SM.82 Bomb aiming gondola + guner positons for Italeri
U72-89  Hawker Hunter F.Mk.3 + vacu canopy + decal sheet for Revell
U72-88  F-105 upgrade for Trumpeter
U72-87  F-105 upgrade 450 gallon fuel tanks for all kits
U72-86  Propeller for Hawker Sea Fury for Trumpeter
U72-85  CT 52 recce pod for Mirage IVP for Heller
U72-84  Jaguar A mainwheel well + canon for Hasegawa
U72-83  Sea Harrier FRS.1 control surfaces for Italeri/Esci
U72-82  Sea Harrier FRS.1 engine air intakes and exhaust nozzles for Italeri/Esci
W72-81  USSR Aircraft guns - WW2
U72-80  S-3A Viking bomb bay + wheel well for Hasegawa/Revell
U72-79  S-3A Viking control surfaces for Hasegawa/Revell
U72-78  Engine set for F6F-5 Hellcat for Hasegawa/Academy
U72-77  Engine set for F6F-3 Hellcat for Hasegawa/Academy
U72-76  Gloster Gladiator - ski undercarrige + decal sheet (Norway, Sweden)
U72-75  Spitfire HF Mk.VI + decal sheet + vacu canopy for Tamiya
U72-74  Wessex HAS.3 for Italeri
U72-73  RATOG for Seafire
U72-72  Engine set for B-26K (late) for Italeri
U72-71  Air intakes for Lancaster for Hasegawa
U72-70  Wheels for Lancaster (unweighted) for Hasegawa
U72-69  Wheels for Lancaster (weighted) for Hasegawa
U72-68  Hawker Hunter the first prototype upgrade + vacu canopy + decal sheet for Revell
W72-67  RAF WWII Weapons set part. 3 bombs: 2000 lb HC Mk.l - 2 pcs
W72-66  RAF WWII Weapons set part. 2 bomb: 4000 lb HC Mk.1
U72-65  PV-1 Ventura tailplane and fins, elevators and rudders for Academy
U72-64  Upgrade Set for MiG-21F-13 for kit Revell
U72-63  RAF WWII Weapons set part.1 bombs 25lb, 250lb, 500lb, 50lbMC, 1000lbMC.
U72-62  R-R Merlin 73/72 engine cowlings Mosquito for kit Tamiya.
U72-60  Mosquito B.Mk.IV - bomb bay + bombs for Tamiya
U72-59  Wing set Brewster Buffalo for Hasegawa
U72-58  SIAI S.79C/T "Corsa" upgrade set + decal sheet + vacu canopy for Italeri
U72-57  Bf 109G-10/K-4 propeller and spinner
U72-56  Spitfire PR Mk.IA, PR Mk.IV, PR Mk.VII + vacu canopies + decal sheet for Tamiya
W72-55  300l fuel tanks for Luftwaffe fighters
W72-54  Luftwaffe Weapons Set - part III. W.Gr.21 - 4 pcs.
W72-53  Luftwaffe Weapons Set Part II. SB 1000, AB 250, AB 500
U72-52  Henschel Hs 129B upgrade for Italeri
U72-51  Wing set Spitfire Mk.VC for Revell
U72-50  Wheel set for P-47
W72-49  Luftwaffe weapons set part I.
U72-48  Wheel set for Ju 88
W72-47  Panzerschreck 1,2
U72-46  SM.79 Sparviero exterior for Italeri
U72-45  Chocks for British aircraft II. WW
W72-44  RATO gear - Westland Wyvern two carriers each with five 5' rockets (66lb)
W72-43  Drop tanks Su-17/22 and Su-25
U72-42  Spitfire Mk.IIA (LR) + vacu canopy for Tamiya
W72-41  External fuel tanks for MiG-29 PTB 1500, PTB 1150
U72-40  Liberator GR Mk.V part II. + all vacu canopies for Academy
W72-39  Things under wings for RAF aircraft, Napalm bomb 45 gall, SCI Mk Canister, CLE Mk.II, Supply dropper, 500 lb Mk.2 smoke bomb
W72-38  US NAVY armament - part 1
U72-37  Upgrade Hawker Typhoon IB - late + vacu canopy for Pavlamodels
U72-36  Upgrade TBY-2 Seawolf + vacu canopy for Pavlamodels
U72-35  An-2 paratroops cabin and ASh-62M engine, wheels for Bilek/Italeri
E72-34  M-62 engine + trolley
U72-33  Spitfire Mk.Vb (T) + decal sheet + vacu canopies for Revell
U72-32  Spitfire PR type C-G + vacu canopies + decal sheet for Tamiya
W72-31  Mig-21R Fishbed H + vacu canopy
U72-30  Polikarpov Po-2 M-11 engine, engine cover, loaded wheels, two kinds of machine guns, ski udercarriage, propeller, bomb racks, bombs
U72-29  P-47D upgrade + vacu canopies + decal sheet
U72-28  P-51D/K Mustang propellers + decal sheet
U72-27  P-51D Mustang tail early version for Tamiya/Academy
U72-26  P-51D Mustang tail, post s/n 44-13902 for Tamiya/Academy
W72-25  Liberator III/GR.V airfoil winglets + rockets - part I. for Academy
W72-24  Rockets HVAR + rails
U72-23  Upgrade P-47 weapon, wheels, auxiliary fuel tank, bazooka
W72-22  British 25 lb SAP HE Head rocket projectile
W72-21  British 60 lb SAP HE Head rocket projectile
U72-20  Bf 109G/K for all kits
E72-19  P&W R-2800-59 engine P-47D, P-61B
E72-18  P&W R-2800 (A) engine P-47B,F4U-1,PV-1
E72-17  P&W R-2800-34 engine F7F-3, F8F-2, C-46
E72-16  P&W R-2800 (C) engine P-47M/N, F4U-4, F6F-5
U72-15  Hawker Hurricane for all kits
U72-14  Wheel and wheel well for MiG-21F, F-13
U72-13  Wheel and whell well for MiG-21PF and newer variants
U72-12  Spitfire Mk.V - IX for all kits
U72-11  Spitfire Mk.IX for KP
W72-09  Hispano-Suiza cannon barrels 20 mm
U72-07  Wheels for Me 262 Schwalbe
U72-06  Fw 190D-9/11 for all kits
W72-05  Weapon pylon APU-23 (modern Russia a/c)
E72-04  Engine for Po-2 (Shvetsov M-11)
E72-02  Engine for I-16 + carriage (Shvetsov M-62)
M72-01  Barrel set

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